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Project Name Dubai Maritime City
Location Dubai Creek, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Duration 13 months
Client Emirates Sunland Group
  Construction Cost AED140 Million
  Consultant Turner Int'l
- Project Description

Dubai Maritime City (DMC) consists of two sub-projects: Central Administration Building (CAB) and Ship Lift Control Building (SCB), valued at AED 140 million. This is prestigious from the point of economic development in the field of maritime business, and the future jobs to be awarded are very extensive in value.

The Ship Lift Control building is a G+3 structure with a built up area of 2,050 square metres, with electro-mechanical services, whilst the Central Administration Building G+10 structure, including electromechanical services, has a built up area of 20,122 square metres.

This project is built to cater to the requirement of JADAF, Dubai at Dubai Maritime City, which provides facilities that help maritime service businesses. The facility will allow docking and undocking of ships which are fairly large in size.

The SCB is located at the boundaries of the quay wall and incorporates an architectural design that boasts a large 360-degree viewing lounge from 2nd floor to roof deck, whilst there is a 180-degree view on the lower floors. It has numerous spacious rooms evenly distributed to maximise the view.

The main purpose of SCB is to serve as a control tower for all incoming ship, luxury yacht and cruise liners. It will manage the two primary ship lifts, which will have the power to raise 3000 and 6000-tonne loads along the south-western edge of the ship basin.

Central Administration Building is a G+3 and P+7 structures with a plot area of 6392 square metres and a total built-up area of 20,122 square metres. The total building height is 51.65 metres, with a commercial area of 143 square metres, office area of 7,097.31 square metres and a service area of 1,680 square metres.

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