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Arabtec Precast

Arabtec Precast, commenced operations in 2004. It specialises in the design, production and erection of Precast and Prestressed Concrete products. And it also provides GRC and GRP products to compliment its Civil, Commercial and Residential concrete products.

Competencies in speed, quality, value engineering, design, production and delivery allow Arabtec Precast to provide its costumers with a wide range of precast and prestressed concrete technologies, products and effective solutions. The company adheres to strict quality systems and safety policies, and has a vision for growth that is built around providing its customers with superior quality, being innovative and having integrity. Within this framework, Aratec Precast's customers are assured a sustainable and environmentally friendly intergrated solution with a commitment to meeting its customers requirements through applied research and development. Arabtec Precast also includes a special division for Arabtec Slip form and Arabtec Eastern Model.

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