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Prefabricated Bathroom Pods at the ADCOP Project, Fujairah
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In the ADCOP project in Fujairah we are using prefabricated bathroom pods which are being procured from M/s Polypod LLC. The first unit was placed on 25th October 2011 and the project consists of over 140 WCs (pods) to be completed by mid January 2012. This shall give the project an advantage of 7 weeks on the programme as the conventional WCs were due for completion in all respects only by the first week of March 2012.


The pods consist of the complete WC spaces fabricated as a unit and come finished to site in all respects requiring no work inside the unit. All the fittings and fixtures are included in the unit and the ‘room’ requires only the final connections for all the services to be done on the external face.


The system has multiple advantages, especially relevant to fast track projects, as the wet area site works are reduced in quantity and the labour requirements and the relevant supervision requirement is reduced substantially as well. The conventional loading platforms are sufficient to allow the placement of the pods on the various floors and the pods are wheeled in to position on suitable trolleys very quickly. The finish and quality standards can be fully controlled as the pods are manufactured under factory conditions.


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